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Production and Studio Recording

In an intimate, warm and relaxed atmosphere with the Sandia Mountains gracing our views to the east, Route 66 Music gives musicians a unique recording experience.

Regardless of your style or experience, I help you get the sound you’ve always wanted in a way that is unique in the business today—by being truly musical.

I’ve recorded and produced swing, Texas swing, award-winning blues, jazz, rock, bluegrass, and standards with everyone from first-time singer-songwriters to world-renown jazz bands.

Specializing in the Singer Songwriter

At Route 66 Music, I demystify the process of recording.

You’ll get knowledgeable, comfortable, and most importantly, good, friendly service that will take you from the bud of a song to a fully mastered demo ready for duplication.

Because I’m a musician as well as an engineer, I aim higher and I hit the mark. I know that creating and recording great music is composed of far more than a few computerized bells and whistles. What I’ve known and loved best for producing is a rich, truly organic, full-bodied sound.

When you record at Route 66 Music you’ll be able to work at your own pace with an engineer/producer who’s a veteran musician and who will help you grab the wheel to get you where you want to go. I want you to be comfortable enough to take your time and take the leaps that make great music.

Contact me to talk about a custom package to suit your needs.


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Studio Recording Piano, Placitas NM
Studio Recording Guitar, Placitas NM