As an extension of full service-recording studio, we also offer professional consultation to the songwriter/musician who wants to record at home or on the road but has arrived at a bit of an impasse.

After a consult, we will help determine exactly what you need, then provide it to complete your project:

  • Advice on how best to start and finish your project, and what parts or processes you may want to bring to us
  • Recording of basic tracks—perhaps a combination of recording tracks at home and in our studio
  • Quality sounds for vocals and all instrumentation
  • Professional arrangement without losing your distinctive style
  • Extra instrumentation—from a little cowbell to full strings and horns
  • Mixing
  • Mastering

Whatever the stage or state of your project, we can help with ideas and concrete services to achieve professional results. Any one or all of these solutions are available at reasonable prices.

To get started today, call to set up a consult either at the studio. If you’re on the road, we can still make it happen via email (simply send your mp3 for review) and  phone or skype.

Wherever you are, we can get it done and we’ll get you there.